Can You Help?

Contributions to the Barnesville Area Community Fund are a solid investment in the Barnesville community.

Donations may include:

Cash gifts, real estate, securities, or personal properties.

Deferred gifts may include:

Bequests, life insurance, or trusts with charitable provisions.

Special purpose gifts may include:

A memorial in honor of a departed person, a gift to honor a living person, or a gift to commemorate a special occasion.
Donations are deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS codes. Funds may be established in the name of a family, friend, or organization with assurance that the proceeds will benefit the community well beyond the donors lifetime.

Besides designating the type of activity that the donation will go to support, donors to the scholarship and grant funds may also stipulate that their gifts be used as an endowment, where the principal is protected and only the earnings are used.

For more information contact the Barnesville Area Community Fund; PO Box 461; Barnesville, MN 56514 (218) 354-2145 or (800) 354-7570.

Members of the Advisory Board are also available to speak with individuals, groups and organizations about the work of the Barnesville Area Community Fund.

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