About the Fund

The Barnesville Community Fund began in 1990 with the formation of a community revolving loan fund, with $15,000 being raised from contributions in the Barnesville area.

How does it work?

The Community Fund operates in cooperation with the West Central Initiative under the direction of a local advisory board. The Fund receives donations from individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations.

These funds are invested and locally accounted for by West Central Initiative, a 501(c) 3 non-profit public foundation, and are available through an application process to meet the needs of the community.

The advisory board is responsible for monitoring the fund and assisting the community by working with grant seekers and donors.

Who benefits?

  • All of the citizens in the Barnesville area benefit from the fund. The Barnesville Area Community Fund is set up to provide assistance in these specific areas:
  • Revolving Loans. This fund is designed to provide loans for the start-up, expansion or succession of businesses in the Barnesville area. These funds help bridge financial gaps between businesses and lending institutions.
  • Educational Scholarships. Working through the Barnesville BEST program, this fund is used to support scholarships for Barnesville High School graduates.
  • Community Grants. Based on applications from local non-profits, the Community Fund assists in the funding of selected activities which promote quality arts, charitable, civic, community development, educational, environmental and health programs in the Barnesville area.
  • Barnesville School Foundation. Provides funds for school programs & student activities to enhance the quality of education.
  • Humanitarian Fund. This fund assists area residents who have suffered a tragic loss.

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