Revolving Loan Fund

Since 1992, the Barnesville Revolving Loan Fund, a component of the Barnesville Area Community Fund, has made over $175,000 in loans to fifteen Barnesville area businesses.

The role of the Revolving Loan Fundis to provide below market rate loans, in the form of gap financing to both new and existing businesses in the Barnesville area. These low interest loans are used in combination with owner equity and bank financing.

As the loans are repaid with interest, that money is then used to assist other businesses in the Barnesville area. Area businesses who have received loans from the Revolving Loan Fund include the following:

  • Barnesville Automotive
  • Barnesville Chiropractic
  • Barnesville Homes
  • Berg Auto Body
  • Clearwater Cabinets 
  • Dairy Queen
  • Farmer’s Co-op Oil
  • Golden Manor Assisted Living
  • J&B Meats
  • JLC Pallet
  • Lien-2 Bakery
  • Poppel Salvage Yard
  • Salber & Associates
  • Subway
  • Y-Knot Construction


Major contributors to the Loan Fund include the City of Barnesville, Wells Fargo and Midwest Bank.

Loans are often made in conjunction with the Clay County Revolving Loan Fund and West Central Initiative. For more information on the Revolving Loan Fund, contact Karen Lauer at the Barnesville EDA office,